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     webnocol.cgi problems

I'm having a bit of trouble getting webnocol.cgi to work. I can
authenticate properly but it doesn't seem to be setting many variables
correctly. Here is the output with debug set to max. As you can see very
few variables have been set and the userlevel is set to both 0 and 9.
I'm using netscape 3.04 to access the site and the web server it's
running is Apache 1.1.1 (old I know). The script is running with perl
5.004_04. I've triple checked all the paths for the script's
customizable section and all directories exist and are readable by the
apache user. I precreated the webusers file and as I said authentication
works. I also touched a webcookies file and have verified that login
information is being put in it. Any ideas why these variables aren't
being filled it? Is webnocol.cgi supposed to run standalone or is it
supposed to have a form call it? If called by a form does anyone have a


User admin authenticated, user level 0 

FORM Variables

return = 
siteaddr = 
sender = 
password = xxxxxx
variable = 
sitename = 
userlevel = 9 
subcommand = Submit 
displaylevel = 
command = Authenticate 
user = admin
userlevel = 0 

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