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     [snips-users] problems with sqlmon

Hi there,

i am having some issues with the sqlmon script and config files for
monitorring some mysql databases, i have already installed DBI-1.19 and
DBD-mysql-2.1004 to the system doing the monitorring, and i have the
following configured in my sqlmon-confg:

<hostname> <IP of host> Critical dbi:mysql:mysql:<hostname> <username>
<password> select
 * from user

Note: all pertinent details substituted for obvious reasons.

When i try and start sqlmon, i get the following error:

Date Tue Nov 20 14:42:54 GMT 2001
Not enough arguments for SNIPS::alter_event at /opt/snips/bin/sqlmon line
87, near "undef)"
Execution of /opt/snips/bin/sqlmon aborted due to compilation errors.

We have a number of databases within the single mysql instance on this
host, but it obviously has to connect to the "mysql" database in order to
perform a user query, is this signified by the second mysql entry in the
DBI connect string???

has anybody else successfully used the sqlmon modules , or seen this error??

many thanks in advance


Steve Foster
Senior Systems Administrator
PSINet Europe
Work: +44 (1223) 577322
Mobile: +44 (7720) 425911

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