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     [snips-users] Problems running nt-hostmon as windows service

hello snips users,

i've run into trouble while setting up the snips hostmon as an w2k

I've done the following:

first, i've testet if the monitor is working (collecting data) and
running as tcp-server with the /daemon option. this works really fine.

no i wanted to setup the service.

i've used instsrv to creat it. 
"instsrv snips-hostmon c:\winnt\srvany.exe"

then i added the key "Parameters" into
and addes 2 values. one with the name "Application" and the value
"c:\perl\bin\perl.exe" and a second with the name "AppParameters" and
the value "c:\nt-hostmon\hostmon-client.pl"

if i want to start the service now, i get the following error (i'm using
german w2k)
[..]Der Dienst hat keinen Fehler zurückgegeben. Es kann sich um einen
internen Windows-Fehler oder einen internen Dienstfehler handeln.[..]
this means that "the servie hasn't returned an error, maybe this is an
internal windows or service error".

why can't windows start the service if it returns no error??

does someone have the windows-hostmon working, and can tell me how to do
the setup?

greets sven

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