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     [snips-users] hostmon errors


  Has anyone else experienced the following behavior with hostmon.  I'm
running hostmon which is monitoring only two servers and RRDtool data
collection is enabled.  After hostmon runs for several hours, I'll start
getting the following in the hostmon.error file located in the run directory:

	ERROR: snips_rrd() empty devicename '' or variable ''

  This line will be repeated each time hostmon runs and the only way I
can fix it is to stop and restart the hostmon process.  It will then
run fine for several more hours and then suddenly start producing this
error again at which time hostmon need to be restarted once more to
clear it.  It's obviously getting empty strings and then reporting from
rrd_funcs.c in line 82 but I'm not sure why.  Can someone offer some
thoughts?  Thanks so much.

  orrie at colorado edu 

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