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     [snips-users] Sporadic updates-information deletion upon SIGHUP to monitor

Hi Folks,

I have noticed - that when sending in a NOHUP Signal to a monitor to reload the
configuration file - it happens - unfortunatly only sometimes - that the genweb-script deletes the updates-file information.

I checked if it was possible to lock the genweb.pl script from running during that time - but it did not work - as the monitors are first flushing their data-streams before reloading the config files which can take some time...

Note - I monitor about 200 devices at the same time, and depending on the device-class (defined internally), the check-cycle is different.

anyone has noticed this beheaviour and has tracked down the reason ?
I know it's a runtime problem - but I'd like to know where it is - as I'm using a database-backend (For the updates stuff and help files).

Thanks for any feedback


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