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     [snips-users] Notifier vs sniplogd question

Hi Folks,

I've recently installed Snips 1.2beta2 (yesterday) I've configured a few monitors and have been trying to figure out how the notifier and snipslogd work together for notification of downed services
Could someone ensure my sanity and let me know that what I'm seeing/thinking is right?

So far this is what I understand.
Notifier.pl is the script that sends an email or page, but only when an error hits the critical level. Then sends every hour if configured. It doesn't send a notification when the service/machien/etc comes back.
snipslogd on the other hand more like a syslogd. It captures output on port 5354 and writes to log files configured in snipslogd.confg. And can be configured for piped commands.

Here is where I have gotten myself completely confused. Do the Notifier cronjob and syslogd piped command work mutually exclusive of each other?
So if you just want to know when things change state, then you should only use snipslogd?


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