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     [snips-users] SNIPS summary report cannot parse logs

I was curious if anyone else had this issue.. when SNIPS sends out
it's weekly report on downtime on my system at least it doesn't
report anything, and says there was unparsable lines:

Severity level: Critical
Total Lines processed = , Unparseable= 20
All times in d+hh:mm
(this has been going on since I installed it in september '02 as
far as I know)

back when I used NOCOL it worked pretty good..

the 20-line critical log file I retrieved from the backups snips
creates when it rotates the logs, it is available here:


the log entries look ok to me ......

another thing when I 'view logs' in the snips cgi interface it
doesn't show the timestamp for the event for possibly the same
reason the log reporter is puking.

running snips 1.1 on debian 3.0

not a big deal since it's just my home network but was curious if
others had experienced this.



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