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     [snips-users] openbsd 3.* build issues

after much head-banging (all while ignoring the obvious warnings)

OS=OpenBSD 3.3 is not a supported or detected operating system.
Try setting the value of OS manually to the type of your system
or set the OS_CFLAGS and OS_LIBS value manually in the Makefile
if compile fails
	OS_LIBS   =

i finally took its advice and modified the Configure script
i changed the line 


and my make worked - a 'duh' hour for me, but i wanted to pass
my newfound 'knowledge' on to others (just in case someone else
is in the same mind-warp as i am ;) )



ps - you may want to update the master Configure script to reflect
updates to various O/Ss - namely FreeBSD 5* and OpenBSD 3*

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