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     [snips-users] hostmon.local proposal


I write local monitors fairly freqently. When upgrade time comes, ~snips/bin and hostmon-osclients get wiped out and I have to re-patch in all my stuff.

I would like to propose a local hook system for hostmon so that I don't have to patch

Here is the pseudocode:

in bin/hostmon-osclients/hostmon-client:
After we:
 - set the array of tests
 - determine O/S type
 - 'require' the local o/s file

Then the new bit:
 - test for a readable $SNIPSHOME/hostmon.local
 - if it exists, load it.

the file will have two parts:
 - an array of test names to be added to the one already loaded
 - the perl code for the tests.

What do you think?
Daniel MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, +1 902.499.0488

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software