Last updated Jan 26, 2000

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  1. hostmon
  2. CMU-SNMP compile fails on Linux
  3. Restarting on HUP signal
hostmon problems
Error in parsing client data and causes sites to be listed as critical (especially in DFspace). Possibly due to regexp pattern.
Also some reports of not being able to copy data from the clients since the hostmon-client telnet daemon dies.
Some users have reported that hostmon will occasionally list a disk as being full whereas the disk is not.
Status: Need to see if these are still a problem in version 4.3 of nocol.
CMU-SNMP 1.1b compile fails on Debian Linux
snmpwalk and trapmon fail to compile because of errors while building the CMU-SNMP tree.
Status: Need to see if still a problem with the new version of the CMU-SNMP software in release 4.3 of NOCOL
Restarting on HUP signal
When a HUP signal is sent to a monitoring daemon, it does not restart the sites which were modified, but instead restarts the entire process (all events get reset to Unknown).
Preferred behaviour is that only the modified site should be affected.
Status: This is due to the way in which the output datafile are written and the difficulty in detecting changes only. On the todo list