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     Re: [nocol-users] Whereis the Sendmail test

 > From: "Ron 'The Insane One' Rosson"
 > I am running nocol 4.2.1 and I am getting this error message in my logs:
 > Dec 29 21:49:44 the sendmail[26442]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR: putoutmsg (the.oneinsa
 > ne.net): error on output channel sending "250 the.oneinsane.net Hello nocol@
 > the.oneinsane.net [], pleased to meet you": Broken pipe
 > To me this looks like nocol is closing the connection improperly. I could
 > be wrong. Anyone have any pointers.

Perhaps it's a config problem: with sendmail v8.8.8 and
the following config crud

 HOST  smtp_mail PORT-SMTP 25 Critical  HELO srv
 info    250

I get a, ah, what?, more graceful bitch msg:

 Dec 30 09:00:45 srv sendmail[25466]: NOQUEUE: Null connection from \
 nocolhost []

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Steve Rader
Systems and Network Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin
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