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     Nocol 4.2.1 w/ 4.2.2B2Radiusmon

Does anyone know why sometimes nocol pages multiple times for the same
event? Has this been fixed in one of the betas and if so which file do I
need to update? (*Been looking through the archives, just joined the
list, haven't found the answer yet.*)

Also what is the current status of dependencies? I saw that this was a
trend in the mailing list a while back and had actually been discussing
this with my boss before I saw the discussion. =)

Here's what I was thinking of for them:

     HOST name ip	     service  port dep lvl master subsequent sevrty
(12) HOST blah TEST     45   0       0      10         Critical
(13) HOST blah TEST     45   1       12 	  5          Critical
(14) HOST blah TEST     45   1       12 	  0          Critical
(15) HOST blah  TEST     45   2       13 	  0          Critical

You'd have to take a look at the info view on the WWW interface or
somesuch to figure out the device numbering or something, or add device 
numbering into the config files... but then.... if 12 is lvl 0 it is
dependant on nothing. If it goes down it will always be shown. 

If 13 or 14 go down, then noclogd would check to see if 12 is up. If it
is, they are displayed. Else, noclogd keeps an internal ticker. Once 10
devices dependant on host 12 go down, it notifies you the dependant
devices are failing as well (reminder for those who may not know how
important, say, a Cisco could be...). If 15 fails, it checks both 13 and
12 to see if it should be displayed. If both are up, then it will be
displayed, else fall back to the ticker.

Of course, as good as this may sound, it's not something that will work
well with people who have devices that are dependant on two other things
(multiple dependancies aren't that hard to come across), but first things
first. =)

And if moving to numbered devices on config files were done, then
something (noclogd?) would have to check to make sure duplicate #'s
weren't used.

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