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     Re: portmon and web serviecs

> Here's how we do it:
> 1. Make a file (like ping.txt) that has two lines in the server's root:
> 2. Make your config look like this:
> HOST    www.cque.com WWWport 80 Error  GET /ping.txt
> info	PING_OK
	We do sort of the same.

	To check perl is running, cgi's can run, the servers root directory
is correct we have a script (monitor.pl) that is on every server :

  print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
  print "DOCUMENT_ROOT : ";
  print $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'};
  print "\n";
# Done

	Then we have :

HOST    hermod.ttsg.com WWWport 80      Critical    GET /cgi-bin/monitor.pl
info    DOCUMENT_ROOT : /var/www/htdocs