NOCOL Release Notes &
Change Log

New Features in v4.3

The main features in this release of the software are:

ndaemon, tkNocol Tcl/Tk replacement for netconsole. Need tixwish to run this viewer.
portmon Speedup to handle large number of sites in parallel.
snmpgeneric Alternative for snmpmon
sqlmon, upsmon New monitors for SQL, APC ups.
SNMP library Latest CMU-SNMP library is now used by the monitors


Release Notes

nocol v4.3.1 (Mar 2000)

Minor release to fix patches.

1. portmon.c Missing close() left too many file descriptors
Now running check_resp() after receiving EOF from the remote host. Should fix problem of receiving data with no \n in entire data stream.
2. snmpgeneric Allow specifying client port number (
Sets MIBFILE_v2 variable also for the mib file
3. webnocol.cgi Small fix to prevent possible loop.
4. Changed 'ps' to '/bin/ps'
5. hostmon-client Changed 'ps' to '/bin/ps'

nocol v4.3 (Jan 2000)

1. Configure Added support for Rhapsody ( and BSDI 4.0
Detect 'whoami' for Solaris
2. armon, nrmon Handle different levels for registered and unregistered routes.
Removes unregistered route status before deleting all knowledge (
3. bpmon Fixed bug in parsing of bootptest
4. bsdsignal.c Restores old sigusr1 (
5. ciscomon Change in message for 'Inlet temperature'
6. cmu-snmp New CMU snmp library
7. etherload Changed includes to allows glibc and older libc in linux.c
8. Fixed Y2K issue; added additional sounds (
9. hostmon Patches for using 'scp' in addition to rcp/telnet (
Changed regex for parsing of data lines.  Now using split instead of regex for $thresindex{}. Put a '^' in all the regexs in the config file. Fixed bug with DFspace parsing.
10. hostmon-client Strip comments from mqueue output.
Allow running a 'local' file if it exists (
$port shoud be set AFTER getservbyname().
Added support for qmail
Detect ps flags
11. hostmon-clients/* Ignore NFS mounts. Look at NFS timeouts on Solaris.  Run iostat with time interval,  Pagein/pageout code in linux (  Fixed pstat in hostmon.osf1 (
12. keepalive_monitor Bug which kept old processes around (
13. logstats Added -r option (
14. mknrmon Create config file for novell routes (
15. modemmon Added conditionals to support use of 'finger' instead of 'telnet'
16. multiping Added  -n option to not use DNS (nscd was slowing down multiping)
17. ndaemon Added new Tcl/Tk interface for X-windows (
18. netconsole Added -T <termtype> on command line (
Starts up without prompting if known good terminal type
19. noclogd Was creating error file in etcdir, changed to PIDDIR for consistency
20. nocol C library event_to_logstr() fixed (
21. Added return 1 at end of library. Fixed bug in detecting $PSCMD. Support for BSDI 4.0 socket structures in perl libraries. Now using send() and not syswrite(). Retry opening socket if send fails.
22 $repeat was not working, fixed.
23 perlnocol Makefile.mid now extracts $event_t from show_nocol_struct_sizes and edits
24. portmon Bug in testing 'connect' only sites (
Now uses nonblocking sockets to process many sites in parallel properly.
Added QUIT and SIMULCONNECT keywords.
Changed array to linked list to allow unlimited number of hosts to monitor.
25. radiusmon Fixed bugs in port insertion (see rcslog)
26. smbmon New monitor for SMB routes (
27. snmpgeneric Replacement for snmpmon (
28. trapmon Complete rewrite to use the new CMU snmp library. Also fixed bug in cmu-snmp/parse.c for() loop.
29. upsmon Monitor UPSs (
30. utility/Makefile Replace '@' with \@ in mail addresses.
31. webnocol.cgi Bug fix to strip trailing siteserverID in http cookie. Handle IP addresses in nslookup (
Clean up $siteaddr before executing (

nocol v4.2.1 (Aug 1998)

  1. keepalive_monitors: fixed bug while restarting dead processes.
  2. local($logfd) bug in perl5 ? Causing eventlog to fail.
  3. portmon.c: removed goto which was causing core dumps with certain compilers.
  4. netconsole: now looks at NOCOL_SEVERITY environment variable for default level while starting up.
  5. Removed various goto's in code to avoid possible compiler bugs.
  6. bgpmon: New enhanced version (completely rewritten)
  7. New possible alternative to notifier.
  8. crontab.nocol: Run every 10 minutes instead of 1 ?.
  9. Configure: bug in test for libresolv.
  10. hostmon- new clients for Irix 6, fixed AIX, FreeBSD 2.2.x.
  11. webnocol.cgi: Was not printing out deny message on insufficient privleges.
  12. Compact html output for Info mode. Can customize the fontsize and updates in User view (userViewUpdates, tfontsize)
  13. nsmon: Sitename (from config file) is displayed in netconsole instead of the domain being monitored (removed feature added in v4.2) since this is more flexible.

nocol v4.2 (Jul 1998)

  1. New monitors: apcmon, ntpmon, syslogmon, radiusmon
  2. Completely new web interface
  3. New logstats in perl
  4. etherload, netconsole patches for Linux
  5. nsmon now monitors multiple domains
  6. multiping faster, optimized
  7. portmon bug fixed for HTTP ports. Can now put a \n for sending a newline
  8. mailmon merged with hostmon-client
  9. hostmon-client split into OS specific sub-modules
  10. Easy configuration using Configure, support for many more platforms.

nocol v4.0 (Dec 1994)

  1. New monitors: etherload, hostmon, rpcpingmon, snmpmon
  2. New 'logstats' report generation script from the logs.
  3. Fixed update_event() to do log when the *severity* changes also, not just look at the state (up/down). Reason being that if an event has multiple severity thresholds, then one would also like to know when the event has got out of critical (it could still be in error/warning state, but its not Critical anymore).
  4. Added 'nocol_startup' library routine for consistent handling of signals and generation of config filenames. Cleaned up lot of common code in all monitors.
    IMPORTANTLY the config filename for 'ippingmon' is NOT 'ipnodes' anymore, but 'ippingmon-confg'.
  5. Bug fixes in noclogd, utility scripts, event_to_logstr,, Makefiles, netconsole, etc.
  6. Display changed to 'netconsole' instead of netmon.

nocol v3.1 (Feb 1, 1994)

  1. 'multiping' considerably enhanced. Compiles on BSDI/386 systems now.
  2. Bugs fixed in nsmon, bcmp() in multiping, portmon, nsmon, eventselect, netmon/filter.c
  3. Changed all of fgetline() to fgetLine() to avoid stdlib conflicts.
  4. Typecast all malloc() statements. Function types defined in snmplib/mib.c and snmplib/parse.c to avoid compiler warnings.
  5. Added a nocol 'unit' field in trapmon (was NULL) to avoid messing up awk scripts.
  6. Added '-s' silent option in netmon.
  7. Moved version.h into include/ directory and included in 'nocol.h'.
  8. Fixed inet_ntoa() bug in tpmon/tpmon.c
  9. Fixed bug in the CMU code in cmu-snmp/snmplib/asn1.c