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     [snips-users] I wonder how many installations there are?


I am kind of curious how many installations of SNIPS and NOCOL there are
and what people are using. So, I've created an unofficial SNIPS
registration page.

If you would like to be counted (or find out how many have been counted
so far), point your web browser at:

	http://www.hedron.org/snipsreg.html (to register) or
	http://www.hedron.org/cgi-bin/snipsview.cgi (to view the results).

I've already registered the 3 installations of NOCOL I've done so far.

For anyone worried about me trying to extract personal data: there is no
need. The registration is only tracking counts of the variables, nothing
about the individual is retained.

Ean Kingston (eankingston at home com)
     I recently lost my job due to down sizing. If you 
     are interested in a UNIX sysadmin with security 
     experience, drop me a line. See my resume at

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