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     [snips-users] Problems with snipsperl.conf...

I'm running Snips 1.0 on a RedHat 7.1 Intel machine with perl version 5.6.1.
I was getting the following errors when executing the keepalive script from
snips 1.0

cannot chdir $snipsroot/bin No such file or directory at
./keepalive_monitors.pl line 78.

I was able to fix this by replacing the following lines in snipsperl.conf

$snipsroot = q(/usr/local/snips) unless $snipsroot;     # SET_THIS
$etcdir    = q($snipsroot/etc)  unless $etcdir; # location of config files
$bindir    = q($snipsroot/bin)  unless $bindir;
$rundir    = q($snipsroot/run)  unless $rundir;

with this...

$snipsroot = "/usr/local/snips" unless $snipsroot;     # SET_THIS
$etcdir    = "$snipsroot/etc"  unless $etcdir; # location of config files
$bindir    = "$snipsroot/bin"  unless $bindir;
$rundir    = "$snipsroot/run"  unless $rundir;

I hope this helps anyone having similar problems...


Kirk Lightfoot
Sr. Unix Administrator
Sony On-Line Entertainment

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software