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     Re: [Fwd: [snips-users] Etherload extra statement?]

> If you're waiting for snips support, you're in for a _long_ wait.
> My first guess is that the number etherload reports is a percentage of
> the estimated maximum # of packets possible over ethernet.  The only
> documentation I was able to find on etherload is:
>      etherload - it has a little more complicated initialization and
>      monitoring since its very specific to the operating system.
> (from src/docs/design.html)
> ...oh wait, here we go.  In snips/etc/samples/etherload-confg:
> # Bandwidth is represneted in percentage of total.
> # Packets per sec is a variable depending on the pkt size:
>  and a table follows.
> So the > 100 errors really are errors, since you shouldn't have 117%
> bandwidth usage on your ethernet device.  That should be reported in
> run/*.error, because it's a misconfiguration you wouldn't want
> cluttering up your snipslog file.
	Ok, got it, but then how can I guarantee what the packet size is...

I just used :

device exp0
bw      30  50  70
pps     500 1000 1500

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