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     Re: [snips-users] Dozens of DataAge problems

  • To: vikas at navya com (Vikas Aggarwal)
  • Subject: Re: [snips-users] Dozens of DataAge problems
  • From: Tuc <tuc at ttsg com>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 11:10:47 -0500 (EST)
> > Its running, its available, its answering requests for other
> > programs that query it.  The timestamp on the file in the \
> > /tmp/hostmon_data directory keeps changing...
> Tuc,
> the dataage for l.ttsg.com is outdated according to the DataAge. Are you
> seeign this for ALL your devices or only a subset?
	Randomly came and went.
> can you tell me if there is a data file inside the /tmp/hostmon_data/
> directory for l.ttsg.com and if so, can you see the contents and tell me
> if they are being updated every 5 minutes?
	There was a file, I saw the contents, and the timestamp changed. As
for the data CHANGING, I didn't check... I thought that if the timestamp
changed, the file was changed. All our machines are set to re-do the data
every 4 minutes.

	Also, any fixes for the problems logging hostmon problems? All we
get is +l.ttsg.com, instead of /var+l.ttsg.com .  

		Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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