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     Re: [snips-users] error in log or where is a maintainer?

> Personally, I'd /love/ to (re)start contributing to this project
> again... I know that Tuc (?) used to be very active, as well, though I
> suspect he might have moved on to better things already?  Personally,
> I've offered to get something up on a CVS server, but with the advent an
> acceptance of Sourceforge...
	Don't count me out Russell. I'm still around, still using it. Latest
thing has been getting NOCOL (Not even SNIPS, we tried going to it and had
too many issues, had to fall back) to do 64 chars for hostnames. Our new 
system we've integrated into it needs to be able to get the whole name for 

	Theres been alot of things I've wanted to do, but couldn't justify
them for just us. I'd like BGPMon to be able to tell me if the connection
shut down, if its admin down, if its prefix counted, etc. I'm fighting a bug
on BSD/OS with nsmon, can't even get the test program to work. I'm probably
re-writing in perl. We just wrote a whole system that takes the data and
then gives you admin tools to be able to stop/restart services. We keep
building around NOCOL. 

	It would be nice to come up with a plan, then one module at a time
start re-writing. Even silly stuff like having to stop/start something because
it won't re-read the config file is fine..... I can live with it. 

	Anyway, I know Vikas will have something to say here.

		Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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